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Rainkeeper’s mission is to provide solutions to one of Earth’s greatest challenges: a rising need in the availability of freshwater for a steadily growing global population. By offering a spectrum of specialized services and products, Rainkeeper has established itself as a successful and reputable name in rainwater harvesting. Rainkeeper’s success is augmented by its superb customer service and quality client relationships. The high standards that Rainkeeper employs in the marketing, installation, and maintenance of each of their systems is what solidifies its position as one of the leaders in rainwater harvesting companies in North America and abroad.


Rainkeeper, a division of Stark Environmental, provides a full suite of rainwater collection systems to both individual and corporate clients. For owner Michael L. Stark, rainwater harvesting is not just a business, but a passion. Stark founded Stark Environmental in 2004 after 20 years of owning and operating a successful land development and construction company. Stark’s strong interest in watershed protection coupled with extensive experience managing commercial and residential construction projects has given him a uniquely holistic perspective on designing and installing rainwater systems.


Simplicity is a central tenet to the Rainkeeper approach. Our goal is to unite the age-old philosophy of conservation with the latest technological innovations. At Stark Environmental, we are not interested in creating systems that burden clients with a lifetime of maintenance costs. Instead, we strive to analyze every aspect of each individual project, and then tailor-create a system that will function in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.


By establishing direct-buy relationships (many of them exclusive) with the highest quality product manufacturers, Stark Environmental is able to offer unmatched value to their diverse clientele which includes builders, engineers, architects, and private homeowners. We are able to offer a range of products that meet a variety of budgets and needs – from a single tank or filter, to entire commercial systems complete with specifications, technical assistance and project management. Our background in construction grants us a clear understanding of budgetary concerns, building practices, and scheduling demands, as well as the logistics of working and communicating with subcontractors. We are dedicated to following the progress of each project from the design stage to the start-up and commissioning of the system. We are committed to the long-term performance of our systems, and we routinely follow up on projects after their completion.

full-service consulting

Rainkeeper is a full-service consulting firm specializing in Rainwater Harvesting and Stormwater Management solutions.


Since its inception, Rainkeeper has been a pioneer in the rainwater harvesting industry as one of the first companies to offer rainwater collection systems of its kind in North America.

Latest technology

Our company uses the latest technology and the highest quality materials to develop custom systems that are tailored to fit the demands of each individual project.